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Ephemera of Existence

Humanness is not an absolute quality, but a continuum. We so often attempt to portray our humanness in a 2D image, a single moment in time frozen, flattened and captured. In doing so, we drastically oversimplify the ever-evolving set of spatial, temporal, and multi-sensorial relations that constitute our existence. Ephemera of Existence is a rejection of the traditional ways in which we perceive and interact with images. Audiences are invited to explore a set of 2D images in 3D space, to stumble upon moments of familiarity amidst a fog of anarchy. We encourage the viewer to explore the embedded humanness within these visualizations and hope to foster a deeper connection between images, the likenesses they represent, and their consumers.

Academic | Harvard University - Graduate School of Design | SCI6338 - Jose Luis del Castillo | Contributors: Ariel Adhidevara, Meng-Lun Tu, & Ben Kazer

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